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“一致”部分练习题 1)Bread and butter ____ what Americans usually have for breakfast. A) are B) is C) was D) were 2)Each boy and girl ____given a gift on Christmas Day. A) is B) are C) were D) was 3) Nobody but Jack and Jane ____ made great progress in the class recently. A) have B) has C) had D) has been 4) Jim is the only one of the staff members who ____to be promoted. A) are B) have been C) is D) has been 5) Many a child ____to walk before he can speak A) learn B) learns C) learned D) have learned 6) Not only he but also I ____to work hard and pass the exam. A) want B) wants C) wanted D) wanting 6) Every means ____tried but with no end. A) have been B) have had C) has been D) are 7) My house and home ____ at 108 Maryland . A) are B) is C) were D) is being 8) A horse and carriage ____ not much used nowadays .A) is B) are C) were D) is to be 10) Many a writer of newspaper articles ____ to writing novels. A) has turned B) have turned C) being turned D) are going to turn 11) Either the teachers or the president ____ the meeting .A) attends B) attend C) are attending D) have attended 12) Neither of your suggestions ____ sense. A) makes B) make C) is made D) are made 13) None of your projects ____. A) working out B) work out C) is worked out D) are worked out 14) Going to bed early and getting up early ____ a good habit. A) is B) are C) were D) was 15) Statistics ____ his most difficult subject and they are all worried that he won't pass the test. A) is B) are C) was D) were 16) Statistics ____ that most of the published and quoted scientific articles are related to medical science. A) has shown B) is shown C) show D) shows 17) Everyone who read Women in Love said it ____ one of the best books by Lawrence .A) is B) was C) had been D) has been 18) The teacher told us that to remember details, it ____ important to take notes while listening to the lecture. A) would be B) had been C) was D) is 19) A series of debates between the major candidates ____ scheduled for the Labor Day weekend last week. A) is B) are C) was D) were

2010-2011(2)英语课辅助作业 第十一次


20) Two hundred and fifty pounds ____ too unreasonable a price for a second-hand car. A) is B) are C) were D) be 21) Twenty minutes ____ a long time for one who waits. A) seem B) seems C) seemed D) are seemed 22) David is one of the boys who ____ a driving license. A) has B) have C) isshavingsD) are having 23) The audience ____ their seats in the music hall. A) are taking B) is taking C) are taken D) was taking 24) The salesman told me that a good set of tires ____ guaranteed to run at least fifty thousand miles. A) was B) were C) had been D) will be 25) Up to now, the majority of the undergraduates ____ enrolled for this selected course. A) has been B) have C) had been D) would have been 26) The police ____ asked that anyone who saw the accident should get in touch with ____. A) have...them B) has...him C) have...him D) has...them 27) I don't think one hundred dollars ____ a big sum of money to him. A) will be B) would be C) is D) are 28) None of the shops in the downtown ____ before 8 pm . A) is going to be closed B) will be closing C) is closing D) are being closed 29) Five multiplied by two ____ten. A) is equal B) equals C) equal with D) equal to 30) My friend and classmate Paul ____ motorcycles in his spare time. A) race B) races C) is raced D) is racing “一致”部分练习题答案 1)B 2)A 3)B 4)C 5)B 6)A 7)C 8)B 9)A 10)A 11)A 12)A 13)B 14)A 15)A 16)C 17)B 18)D 19)C 20)A 21)B 22)B 23)A 24)A 25)A 26)A 27)C 28)A 29)B 30)B

2010-2011(2)英语课辅助作业 第十一次


CET4 语法复习 动宾一致 英语语法规定, 用于宾语的词语应使用它们的宾格。 能够用做宾语的词类中只有人 称代词有特别的宾格形式,其他词类如名词原形即可用于宾格,无须变化。词与词之间的固 定搭配属于英语的惯用法。一些动词与它们用于宾语的名词之间也存在固定搭配现象。 【例如】 to acquire knowledge 获得知识 to get a job 获得工作 to obtain a position 获得工作 ( 语气较庄重 ) to achieve success 获得成功 to gain reputation 获得声誉 to attain one's end 达到目的 to do sb. a favor 请帮忙 这类惯用法没有太多的章法可循 , 只有在平时的阅读中多看,多记。 时态一致 时态一致 1) 并列谓语的时态一致。 【例如】 Yesterday I went shopping, bought some books and had dinner at a good restaurant. The soldier looked at him, exchanged glances with his comrade and took out the gun. 2) 主从复合句的时态一致。 a) 主句为现在时、将来时、现在完成时,宾语从句谓语动词时态按情况而定。 【例如】 I wonder what will happen tomorrow. I wonder what happened to him yesterday. I wonder what is happening now outside. b) 主句为过去时态,宾语从句一般用过去时态。如果宾语从句说明的是客观真理, 用一般现在时。 【例如】 He told me he made a big mistake. He told me he would go to Beijing the next day. He told he had finished his task. The teacher told students that the earth moves around the sun.( 客观真理 ) 3) 定语从句和比较状语从句时态不受主句影响。 【例如】 The universities where she is studying was founded in 1950. You now speak English better than you spoke it last year.

2010-2011(2)英语课辅助作业 第十一次


4) 时间和条件状语从句中,常用现在时表示将来。 【例如】 We will cancel our trip if it rains tomorrow. I will go to visit the Summer Palace as soon as I arrive in Beijing . 集合名词的主谓一致 集合名词作主语时, 主谓一致关系是一个较为复杂的问题。 对此类问题我们可以从 “数”的角度分为四类。 1) 单数—复数型。 凡是有复数词尾变化形式的集合名词都属于此类。 如:a class — classes; a family — families; a government—governments; an army—armies; a people—peoples; a group—groups; a crowd—crowds; a crew — crews 等。这类集合名词强调的是整体性,即 当作一个整体或多个整体来看待。属于这类集合名词的单数作主语时,谓语动词用单数;复 数形式作主语时,谓语动词用复数。 【例如】 A big crowd often gathers on the square every morning. The government has decided to pass the bill. There are huge crowds in the streets on Sunday. There are many English-speaking peoples in the world. 但应注意, 这类集合名词的单数形式有时表示复数概念, 所以这些集合名词的单数 形式也可归为“单复同形型”中。 2) 单数型。这类集合名词表示的是人或事物的整体,即把这类人或事物的全部包 括在内,所以只有单数形式。如作主语,谓语动词常用单数。这类名词常见的有: humanity, mankind, proletariat 等。 【例如】 The proletariat is the greatest class in the history of mankind. In the fields of production and scientific experiment, mankind makes constant progress. 3) 复数型。这类集合名词在形式和内容上是相互矛盾的,就是说它们只有单数形 式, 但表达的都是复数概念。 它强调的是集体中的个体性。 这类名词有: police, cattle, faculty, flock, machinery, vermin, personnel 等。它们作主语时,谓语动词要用复数。 【例如】 The police have caught the murder. Our personnel are very highly trained. The vermin are very dangerous. 4) 单复同形型。这类集合名词的单数形式既可表示单数也可表示复数。作主语时, 用单数动词或复数动词均可,有时意义区别不大。 【例如】 The school teaching staff are (is) excellent. The public is (are) requested not to litter in the park. The teaching profession claim(s) to be badly paid. 这类集合名词常见的有: class, family, team, crew, board, herd, committee, party, jury, enemy, audience 等。 根据说话人的心理意向若把这个集合名词所代表的人或事物看作一个整体, 就认为 是单数,用单数动词;若把它所代表的人或事物看作若干个个体的话,就认为其为复数,用 复数动词。 试比较: The football team is playing well. 那个足球队打得非常漂亮。 The football team areshavingsbath and are then coming back here for tea. 足球队员们正在洗澡,然后来这里吃茶点。

2010-2011(2)英语课辅助作业 第十一次


The family is a very happy one. 那个家庭是一个非常幸福的家庭。 That family are very pleased about the news of William's success. 全家人对威廉的成功都感到很高兴 CET4 语法:主谓一致的三条原则 在大学英语四级测试的“词汇与结构”一题中,考查主语和谓语一致关系的试题居 多。 所以主谓一致是各类一致关系中应该重点掌握的内容。 现代英语主谓一致大致要遵循以 下三条原则: 1) 语法一致原则。主语是单数,谓语动词用单数形式;主语是复数,谓语动 词用复数形式。 【例如】 My friend has no intention of going shopping with me. My friends have no intention of going shopping with me. 2) 意义一致原则。主语和谓语的一致不是由主语的语法形式来决定,而是由主语 所表达的意义决定。 【例如】 The class are busying writing English passages. The United States is a developed country which has advanced science and technology. 带有复数词尾的学科名称、国家等在意义是表示单数概念,用单数动词。 3) 就 近 原 则 。 谓 语 动 词 的 单 、 复 数 取 决 于 最 靠 近 它 的 主 语 。 由 either....or, neither....nor, not only....but also 连接或由 here, there 等引导的句子,谓语动词遵循这一原 则。 【例如】 Neither my friends nor I was able to persuade him to accept our advice. Either he or she has broken the window, for there is no one else there. There is a teacher and fifty students in the classroom 二. 谓语动词用复数的情况 1) both, some, few, many 等用作主语或修饰主语时,谓语动词用复数。 【例如】 Both of my parents are over seventy years old. Many students in my class have creative thoughts and wide knowledge. 2) “ the + 形容词”作主语,在表示一类人或事物时,谓语动词用复数。 【例如】 The aged are well taken care of by the government. The poor are often looked down upon by the rich. The young have respect for the old in China . 3) a number of, a lot of, any of, most of, the rest of, some of, none of, all of 修饰复数 名词时,谓语动词用复数。 【例如】 Most of the teachers are responsible and knowledgeable. A number of books have been published on the subject. None of the books attract me a lot. the number of 表示“……的数量” ,谓语动词用单 数。 【例如】

2010-2011(2)英语课辅助作业 第十一次


The number of books published on this subject is simply amazing. The number of foreign visitors to China has been increasing over the last several years. 4) 集合名词作主语时,当名词表示整体时,谓语动词用单数;当名词强调集体中 的个体时,谓语动词用复数。 【例如】 The family is the basic unit of society. The family have agreed among themselves to spend their vocation in Europe . CET4 语法: used to 的用法 “ used to 加不定式”表示过去常常干某事,现在不在干了。例如 : I used to go to work by bus. Now I take a taxi. She used to be very shy. “ be used to doing ”表示习惯于干某事。 【例如】 I am used to getting up early and going to bed early. He is used to being praised by others. 关系从句中的谓语动词 在 one of + 名词 ( 复数 )+ 关系从句” “ 中的单复数在 one of+ 名词 ( 复数 )+ “ 关系从句”中,关系从句中的谓语动词常采用复数形式。 【例如】 She is one of the students who have passed Band Six. This is one of the best books that have been published recently. one 之前有 the only 等修饰语时从句动词要用单数。 【例如】 She is the only one of the girls who is chosen as the member of student union. He was the only one of the boys who was given a prize. 以 only 引导状语位于句首引起的倒装 Only by shouting at the top of his voice was he able to make himself heard. Only in this way can we achieve what we want.Only in each afternoon does the university library open. Only under special circumstances ____to take make ? up tests. (CET-4 1997,6) A) are freshmen permitted B) permitted are freshmen C) freshmen are permitted D) are permitted freshmen Only 加状语位于句首,句子用倒装语序,故答案为 A 。



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