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自考 英语(二)教材课后练习答案 课程代码 00015

Unit 1 The power of language Text A
Checking your comprehension 1-5 BADAC Building your vocabulary Section A 1-6 consistent statement reflect invalid considerably comparison Section B 1-6 credible identify assumption represents evaluated appropriate Section C 1-6 to forth into on with to Bridging the gap 1-10 defines action tears good responds to personal Translation Section A





1. take interests of different social groups into account 2. Compare the recent work with the previous one 3. was not consistent with his statement to the police 4. was not relevant to the affair /matter that was being dealt with 5. Please inform us of any change in your case

Section B 成为一名灵活的读者,你需要知道怎样选择和使用阅读方式,来与你的 阅读目的相一致。懂得何时以及怎样选用不同的阅读方式会使你成为一个 灵活的读者。当读者的目的是需要很高的阅读理解能力来读懂难度很高的 阅读材料时,精读是一名灵活的读者使用的阅读方法。使用该方法时,你 应该比平时阅读速度稍慢些。而且,读的时候,你必须挑战自己,让自己 理解这些阅读材料。精读通常需要你读不止一遍材料,以便能更好的理解 它们。有时候,读出声儿也能帮助你更好的理解 。 Organizing your ideas 5 2 1 6 3 4

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Text B
Checking your comprehension Section A 1-6 Y N Y N Y NG Section B 1. Mastering our language 2. our quality of life determination 4. power 5. live whatever life we desire some alternatives

3. 6.

Building your vocabulary Section A 1-6 confidence creative eliminate dramatically significant limit Section B 1-6 matter commonly pleased infinite commands quality Section C 1-6 out up onupon to in over Translation Section A 1. have a dramatic impact on the country’s future 2.but it really matters to me 3.but the police were in control of it soon 4.that I have no alternative but to let you go 5.It is up to the manager to make the final decision Section B 英语在职场中发挥着重要的作用。当人们正确地以合适的方式使用英 语时,它能够对职业生涯有很大帮助,或是能够促进业务发展。在人们步 入职场前,有些人可能需要或是想要学习商务英语,而那些已经参加工作 的人们在他们目前的工作中有机会搞明白使用英语能使哪些工作更有效 率,哪些不能。 商务工作中一项宝贵的技能是如何沟通。 你需要知道你想要什么, 同时 也要知道如何去讨价还价,以及如何作出让步。能够处理冲突并知道如何 结束协商对谈判结果有着重要的影响。 职场英语学习会鼓励人们进行专业且有效的沟通与交流,这一点对客 户、商务伙伴,以及供应商来说都是很好的,对任何业务也只能是有积极 意义的。

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Unit 2 Mistakes to success Text A
Checking your comprehension 1-5 DACBB Building your vocabulary Section A 1-6 effectively response discover occur rare scientific SectionB 1-6 remove eventually opportunity renowned interviewed remarked Section C 1-6 to so to on in for Bridging the gap 1-10 fear under unavoidable that as long as wisely






Translation Section A 1. actively respond to the president’s request 2.only his accent sets him apart from others 3.I have rarely seen such a beautiful sunset 4.restore people’s confidence in national economy 5.she remarked on the progress of the boy Section B 我清楚记得我感觉自己是个失败者的那段日子。 但是我最终明白了在 一件事情上失败并不意味着在所有事情上的失败。事实上,失败是成长过 程中必不可少的一部分。人生充满了不断地反复尝试和犯错。为了走向通 往成功的道路,你必定会在沿路犯一些错误。用约翰 麦克斯维尔的术语 来说,我学到的就是‘以退为进 在失败中前进’ ,即运用错误使自己变得 更好。 人们面对失败最大的一个问题是他们过快的武断他们生活中孤立的 一些情况,并且给自己贴上失败者的标签。相反的,他们需要在头脑中保 持清晰地思路。一个成功的棒球运动员并不把一次出局看成是失败。他把 这放在一个更大的局面上中去考虑。他的观念引导他坚持不懈。他的坚持 给他带来长命。而他的长命给予他成功的机会。 Organizing your ideas 2 1 4 3 6 5

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Text B
Checking your comprehension SectionA 1-6 N N Y Y NG Y Section B 1-6 messy anniversary gift the mess in the Ritchen what to say long-term significance not juse teaching lessons,they are teaching children Building your vocabulary Section A 1-6 slightly troublesome occasional inspection responsible disaster Section B 1-6 prestented frustration awfully deserves issues glance Section C 1-6 from out with off up of Translation Section A

1. she glanced around/round the room 2.gesturing to me to follow him 3.Once the paper is positioned correctly 4.speak out the views on political issues 5.It is vital to deliver the medical supplies to this region

Section B 成功人士具备一些关键的能力来在失败中前进, 而不是把每个挫折都 看成是个人的问题。 首先, 当成功人士失败的时候, 他们不是在责备自己。 他们对每一次的挫折负责,但是并不按个人观点看待失败。 其次,成功 人士并不因个别失败来定义自己。 他们承认每一个挫折时整体失败的一小 部分。第三,获得成功的人很乐意改变他们解决问题的方法。这对各行各 业来说都是很重要的。如果一种方法对你来说不奏效,如果她使你接连失 败, 那么换另一种方法试试。 要在失败中前进, 你必须用对你奏效的方法, 而不必是对其他人管用的方法。最后,成功人士有韧性很达观。他们不会 让一个小错误把自己打倒,他们从错误中吸取教训,然后再继续前进。

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Unit 3 Friendship and loyalty Text A
Checking your comprehension 1-5 AABAB Building your vocabulary Section A 1-6 recognition reflection undisputed assurance Section B 1-6 sought requested challenges generation Section C 1-6 of in of of through In Bridging the gap 1-10 While wisely on Whatever unique

loyalty mutual

essential virtue

opposites personalities a couple of share


Translation Section A 1. continued to engage in criminal activities 2.exploit natural resources 3.must request approval 4.had betrayed her parent’s trust 5.lead to severe consequences/serious results Section B 我们很容易就把好朋友想当然了。老朋友就像一副舒服的手套,戴着 最顺手。但是友情经不起因忙碌或相互之间太熟悉了而被忽视太久。友谊 也需要更新。如果你想要且需要保持一段真挚的友情长存,请仔细考虑有 关最重要的品质列表。也许它会帮助你来理解为什么你和你的好朋友几年 了都没打过电话,为什么当你被问到‘这周末你打算和谁一起玩?’时, 你会感到尴尬。你可能时不时的忽略了你的亲密的朋友,但是如果你没能 培养好这些品质——忠诚、宽恕、诚实以及奉献精神——你将不太可能维 持住真正的朋友。 Organizing your ideas 3 2 6 4 5 1

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Text B
Checking your comprehension Section A 1-6 Y Y N NG N Y Section B 1-6 ungrateful their faith sacrificed poverty, in health and in sickness Building your vocabulary Section A 1-6 Section B Section C 1-6 1-6

prosperity and in

pursuit faithful ungrateful fiercely prosperity reputation privileges prone poverty alert scene deserted by to against to to down

Translation Section A 1. home is the best place to lick your wounds 2.If only I had time to review my lessons 3.be alert to risks of tourism 4.enjoyed certain privileges 5.will be the first encounter among the party leaders Section B 如今,好朋友的概念始终是能提供给你两个选择中更好的选择的那个 人。他会在你受到惊吓时,紧握你的手;帮你击退想占你便宜的坏蛋;当 你不在他身边时,却还不时地关心你;提醒你已经忘了的事情;帮你把往 事抛诸脑后,却能在你依恋过去的时理解你;陪你在身边,给予你信心; 特地为你腾出时间;为你引起纠纷善后;帮你应对来自他人的压力;帮你 成为一个更好的人,更为重要的是,爱你!

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Unit 4 The joy of work Text A
Checking your comprehension 1-5 BADCB Building your vocabulary Section A 1-6 dealers complain rarely blessing contribute illegal Section B 1-6 committed subsistence immigrants unrest quit victim Section C 1-6 about of to in in again Bridging the gap 1-10 improve check out routine different route



clearing away


Translation Section A 1.she is looking forwad to seeing you 2. If you always complain about being short of time for work 3.will contribute to the development of suberbs 4.reminds her of her miserable childhood 5.we were prepared for the worst Section B 无论你是一个餐厅服务生还是一个脑外科医生,你所从事的任何工作 都是在为他人服务,进而在一定水平上让他们的生活变得更美好 。我们都 有这样的经历,那就是一些人的工作提升了我们的生活,让我们的日子发 生了变化,或是让我们的日子每况愈下。我们也都遇到过一些很棒的清洁 人员,但也碰到过一些有着好工作却不怎么样的工作人员。所以不管你从 事什么工作,你该如何吧爱心投入到工作中?请对工作怀有感恩的心。感 恩并不意味着你必须做你不喜欢的工作,而是指当你在那工作时,它会帮 助你发展积极的心态。你不喜欢你的工作,但是你可能喜欢和你的同事在 一起。这也是感恩的一面。当你学会感恩时将会在工作上更加乐观,心情 也更加愉快。 Organizing your ideas 3 1 2 5 4

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Text B
Checking your comprehension Section A 1-6 Y NG N N NG N Section B 1. challenge and reward 2. potential clients 3. the purpose of your business and not solely on the logistics 4. your financial boundaries 5. sound advice and criticism 6. the planning and start-up process Building your vocabulary SectionA 1-6 exhaustive survival various motivation profession competitive Section B 1-6 sound exceeds prioritize unique pattern routine Section C 1-6 in from for out for in Translation SectionA

1. Those/All the people who feel privileged to work with him 2. we need to arrange security guards in place 3. we can totally assume that he is not in this city 4. the refugees may not survive this winter 5. for those drivers who exceed the speed limit

Section B 在你下决心走哪条发展道路之前,请认真的,诚实的审视一下促使你去创业 的动力。有太多人想要发财,逃避公司乏味枯燥的工作,缩短工作时间而 有更多的休闲时间。这些理由都不太可能会带来成功。如果你致力于解决 客户的问题或满足他们的需求,相信自己能比任何人做的优秀,并且你渴 望长时间工作、身兼数职,和应付无穷无尽的责任,那你的创业状态就是 正确的。你还需要具备一些性格特质。其中一条是,你要乐于承受一个人 辛苦工作的艰辛,至少在创业第一年里(可能会更长)是这样的。

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1-5 ABCAC 6-10 BBAAA 11-15 DBDCA 16-20 EAFBC LFEJB

21-25 BEDCA 26-30 FADCB 41. encourage 42. careful

31-35 DCAAK 36-40

43. particularly 44. implications 45.trained 49 .designer 50 logical

46 impression 47 communication 48 .respectful

Unit 5 Keeping

your dreams alive Text A

Checking your comprehension


Building your vocabulary SectionA 1-6 wisdom deliberately anxiety belief uncomfortable equivalent Section B 1-6 distinguished instruction equal conflicts guilty anxious Section C 1-6 of about of between forth as Bridging the gap 1-10 satisfy than focus on inner fit thinking of

the middle




Translation Section A 1. has called forth the anger of the local people 2. A series of accidents 3. because of the rain 4. is a talented/gifted musician as well as a photographer 5. distinguish between reality and fiction Section B 把生活想象成一种在空中抛接 5 只球的游戏, 这 5 只球依次叫做工作、 家庭、 健康、 友谊、 精神,你把它们都放飞在空中。很快地,你会发现‘工 作’是个弹力球。就算你松开手不去管它,它还是会再次跳起来。但还是 其他 4 个球——家庭、健康、友谊、和精神——它们是玻璃制成的。如果 你丢下它们中的任何一个,它注定就会磨损了、划伤了、有擦痕了、破损 了、甚至裂成碎片了。再不可能完好如初了。因此,你必须了解这点,并 为掌握它们之间的平衡而努力。 Organizing your ideas 2 1 3 5 4 6

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Text B
Checking your comprehension Section A 1-5 Y N N Y Y Y Section B 1. health issues 2. a resource of hope or a good bad example of what to do in life 3. useless or uncaring 4. unreceptive 5. failed marriage 6. giving up Building your vocabulary Section A 1-6 imagination threaten recover inspire valuable quotation Section B 1-6 desperate challenge cheerful valuable inspiring Section C 1-6 on with out over back about Translation Section A 1. on her feet 2. has brought about many changes 3. walked out on her 4.should have fought back 5. sank into desperation Section B 生活是挑战,迎接它吧! 生活是丰富多彩的,充实它吧! 生活是美好的,发现它吧! 生活是幽默的,享受它吧!

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Unit 6 The value of money Text A
Checking your comprehension 1-5 BBDCB

Building your vocabulary Section A 1-6 differentiate indulgent resistance responsibility formation unnecessary Section B 1-6 constraint budget principle scheme monthly temptation Section C 1-6 to in on in within In

Bridging the gap 1-10 basic invest direct accumulated grow

Ideally called



Now that

Translation Section A 1. come to /reach/ get /draw/arrive at conclusions on the basis of experiments 2. she has never been indulged in alcohol 3. is not responsible for his behaviors 4. my teaching experience stands me in good stead 5. have resulted in head injuries Section B 无论是否允许孩子处理他们自己的零花钱,父母以及继父母都要确 保为子女每天的需求做好预算。 孩子并不需要一大笔钱, 最理想的情况是, 他们应该有足够的钱来学会如何消费和节省。 很多父母通过要求孩子把他 们的零花钱分为至少 3 份这种方法来帮助孩子懂得消费的重要性。 第一份 用于即时消费,第二份用于短期储蓄(远足旅行,电子游戏,等等)第三 份用于长期储蓄(买车,上大学。等等) 。在一些家庭里,他们还加了第 四份,即用于捐赠,来教育孩子帮助不幸的人们的价值和重要性。

Organizing your ideas

6 5 2 1

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Text B
Checking your comprehension Section A 1-6 Y Y NG N Y Y Section B 1. always dream of 2. the opposite 3.traits 4.a giving attitude 5.joyful 6. a healthier view of money Building your vocabulary Section A 1-6 abundance favourite scared donation originally economic Section B 1-6 available abundant stimulated charity universe readily Section C 1-6 of as between down up in Translation Section A 1. as long as the new information is available 2. to open up a new world in front of me which I am not familiar with 3. to stimulate economic growth 4. had donated more than 100,000 for cancer research 5. deserves our careful consideration Section B 人们是如何看待金钱的?一个事实就是很多人把钱看得太重了。他们 认为金钱就是一切,并相信‘有了钱什么都可以做到’ 。所以他们能做出任 何事情,甚至是不道德的和违法的事情以达到赚钱的目的。抢匪为了仅仅 几十美元做好了杀死他人的准备。商人为了赚取更多的钱不惜在生意场上 欺骗。拥有很多权力以及社会影响力的官员却践踏他们自身的荣誉,侵犯 他人的权益。

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Unit 7 Inner voice Text A
Checking your comprehension 1-5 DCBAA

Building your vocabulary SectionA 1-6 precisely hesitate wonderful emotion ignorance complete Section B 1-6 attached attempts upset overwhelming prompt inner Section C 1-6 took with for took in with

Bridging the gap 1-10 choose opportunity view what nonstop night


end up



Translation Section A 1. agreed without the slightest hesitation 2. In desperation , I called the doctor 3. prompted me to write this article 4. the best solution (that)they had come up with 5. Despite a shortage of steel supply Section B 你内心的声音引导你走过人生的道路。有多少次你的心声告诉你去做 什么事情,而你,反过来,却选择了无视它的提示,结果发现犯了一个大 错?我敢打赌,那个时候,你对自己说‘我本应该听从自己的心声’ 。有时 候我们的心声暗示非常微妙不易察觉,提醒我们付账或是打电话给朋友。 还有些时候我们的心声可能是更加显著的连续的,可能持续好几天,好几 个星期甚至好几年,不断地提醒我们那些未完成的事情。如果你的心声持 续超过了一个星期,也就是说,你三番五次的发觉相同的想法或是感觉, 那么你就知道这是你的心声在寻求表达。相信你所接收到的信息,并用它 来引导你的行动。

Organizing your ideas

6 1 5 3 2 4

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Text B
Checking your comprehension Section A 1-6 N Y N NG Y Y Section B 1. sourness and selfishness 2. have their pets inoculated 3. ‘waste time ‘sitting in that office 4. the long wait for service 5. to talk with others 6. your goodwill Building your vocabulary SectionA 1-6 boredom namely character tension sour pleasing SectionB 1-6 modest wears brightened radiate goodwill inherited SectionC 1-6 under up of As into skin

Translation Section A 1. He is so eager to study 2.joining in celebrating activities 3.inherited a considerable large fortune from his father 4.converts the sun’s radiation into electric power 5.make a good impression on everyone you meet Section B 微笑不费分文,却给予很多, 受之者得益甚多,失之者却不受损。 弹指瞬间事,却有时令人终生难忘怀。 任他富贵甲天下,不可一日无微笑, 任他贫无立锥地,亦能受益而富有。 微笑使家庭温馨又快乐,令商界诚信有善意, 它是友谊的奠基石,它给疲惫者送来扶手, 给失志者送来欢乐,给伤心者送来阳光, 它是自然界最好的烦恼消除剂, 然而购求借偷,样样行不通, 若不给予他人,于己价值全无。 当他人疲惫不堪,无心对你微笑时, 就奉送你自己的微笑给他们吧, 最需微笑者,莫若无微笑可施者。

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Unit 8 The great minds Text A
Checking your comprehension 1-5 CCDBA Building your vocabulary Section A 1-6 perfection accomplish persistent disposal motivational Section B 1-6 obstacle incredible vision perspective fulfill Section C 1-6 from from with at in of

effective profound

Bridging the gap 1-10 confused natural intentionally likely even if known called upon mark


as opposed to

Translation Section A 1. found it difficult to adapt to their new school life 2. children was willing to share their stories with 3. elected one of their members as the spokesman 4. only to find that they had to overcome financial problems by themselves 5.stresses the importance of balanced diet Section B 总是有一些瞬间,让人感觉留给我们的唯一事情就是质疑我们自身的 存在。我们总有感到孤独和沮丧的一段日子,仿佛整个世界都黯然失色。 我们也总有感觉毫无生存缘由的时候, 生活看起来如此艰难以至于我们希 望没有诸如明天这种事物。但是话又说回来,我们也应该明白,困难只不 过是人生中的另一种苦难,试图扭转我们每一个人的人物命运,并且败坏 我们对于人生的认知。在这个时候,请不要屈服于投降的诱惑,是的,唯 一可以快乐的方式就是心甘心情愿承受这一切。

Organizing your ideas

2 3 1 5 4 7 9 6 8

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Text B
Checking your comprehension Section A 1-6 Y NG N Y Y N Section B 1. the computing world 2. finance the production 3. worked on a new machine 4. fired 5. billions of dollars 6. new and innovative technologies Building your vocabulary SectionA 1-6 adoption appointment convincing initially recruitment successive SectionB 1-6 foundation innovative possession insanely immense unexpected SectionC 1-6 among with/by as of in in

Translation Section A 1. he dropped out of school after only one year 2. established charity foundation in memory of his father 3. turned out to be more difficult than I had expected 4. expect look forward to a bright future under his leadership 5. such a tragedy would happen to him Section B 史蒂夫乔布斯被加利福尼亚州山景城的一个家庭收养。 在他还在上高 中时,他就对电子学感兴趣,这促使他打电话给威廉姆休斯特,要用一 些用来做学习项目的零件。休斯特提供了这些零件,并给乔布斯提供了 一个暑期到惠普公司实习的机会。在那儿,乔布斯遇到了斯蒂夫,一个 极有天分的知识渊博的工程师,他比当时还是高中生的乔布斯长 5 岁。 他们的友情最终成为苹果公司成立的基础。

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教材自测(二)答案 1-5 ABBAC 6-10 BBBAA 11-15 CCBAB 16-20 BACED 21-25 BCFEA 26-30 BFACD 31-35 LHIBC 36-40 EDJFG 41-45 infinite exhausted discoveries increasing vanced 46-50 effective investments transportation applied independent

Unit 9 Facing life’s challenges Text A
Checking your comprehension 1-5 CCACA Building your vocabulary Section A 1-6 despair negative individually tougher incredible symbolize Section B 1-6 leaped/leap arose lost paced through positive Section C 1-6 with up over with like to

Bridging the gap 1-10 struggling arose respectively inside circumstance worst





Translation Section A 1. instead of waiting until tomorrow 2. overseas investment has a positive effect on export 3. look back on my days in middle school 4. you will end up getting into troubles 5. he had great difficulty keeping up with other students Section B 这些恐惧和自我怀疑决定了我们工作的交往方式和行为。职场是一 个残酷的竞技场。你需要做好自我?;?。为了要在这场竞技中生存, 你要变得独立,有责任心,有自信心和决断力。首先,你要正确评价 自己,意识到自己的价值。要不然,你就死定了!任何一种职业都需 要你对自己充满信心。这就是为什么你发现一些人资质平庸,但却永 远强大的内心驱动力,能够取得比有天分的人更大的成就?;乃?br />
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维方式就会产生积极的态度,回应以及情绪,这些反过来都能促进成 功。另一方面,消极的态度,充满恐惧,怀疑和焦虑就会使行为更加 消极。但是,我们能够清空这些消极想法,加满积极的信息。用信心 取代恐惧,决断取代怀疑,工作取代焦虑,用爱心取代憎恶。 Organizing your ideas 5 1 3 6 2 4

Text B
Checking your comprehension Section A 1-6 N NG Y N Y N Section B 1. no small achievement 2. signaled the conducted to begin again 3. just three strings 4. how much they appreciated what he had done 5. more beautiful ,more sacred ,more memorable ,than any that he had ever mode before 6. with what we have left Building your vocabulary Section A 1-6 sudden appreciate purity applause shaky boastful Section B 1-6 aid proceeded signaled undid figured bewildering SectionC 1-6 up take around sudden to At Translation Section A 1. made our way to the place for our appointment 2. appreciated by those who like quality services 3. with the aid of a good map 4. Many people stricken with disabilities 5. proceeded to tell everyone in the bar about our individual problems Section B 每个人都会遇到麻烦,但是有些人会因此变得更强更美好,而有些人 却沉浸于此。从此一蹶不振。困难是相同的,但是人们面对困难的方式却 是不同的。那些用脆弱狭隘的心理和错误的个性来面对困难的逆境的人, 很快就会被困难打倒,在生活的暴风雨中化为碎片。而那些依赖并相信自 己内心力量的人们, 永远不会被困难打倒, 也永远不会被击败。 这种力量, 是无穷无尽的,无论对它的需求是多么大,总是用之不竭。能够意识到自 身内在否认真正的精神实质的人,他们知道自己永远不会被击败,而且他 们也永远不会真正失败。他可能由于死亡失去自己的肉身,但是他,一个 真正的大丈夫,永远不会死去。尽管他可能被击倒一千次,但是他也不曾 真正失败,他一定会再次站起来!

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Unit 10 Ode to public transport Text A
Checking your comprehension 1-5 ABDDC Building your vocabulary Section A 1-6 economic arrangement dependent ease Section B 1-6 necessities strengthen lessening commutes Section C 1-6 for on/upon to up to in Bridging the gap 1-11 limited running out of refers to low require compare to personal positive economic Translation Section A 1.basking in the warm sunlight 2. accounts for 35 percent of the corporate 3.attributed her success to her hard work 4. up to 500 guests 5. end up in prison Section B 公共交通是取代座驾的更佳选择吗?这取决于个人偏好。 有些人喜欢 自己驾车,但这并不是说公共交通对已大多数人来讲不是恰当的旅行 方式。从广义上说,公共交通可能更便宜。因为你不用担心付车贷或 交保险金。你也不用考虑维护或是燃油费。从环保角度讲,对于那些 从一地往返于另一地的一群人来说,公共交通的效率更高。 Organizing your ideas 2 4 3 5 6 1

valuable limited

exception proclaimed


Text B
Checking your comprehension Section A 1-6 Y N N N Y Y Section B 1. ends up seeing 2. behave as politely and respectfully as they can 3.conduct our best selves

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4. takes a lot of guts 5. for other purposes 6. efforts in sustaining and keeping Building your vocabulary Section A 1-6 maintenance considerable economical accumulation warmth assurance Section B 1-6 pushing disadvantage incidents intention sustained aggravate SectionC 1-6 up in to on on in Translation Section A 1. how they conduct themselves at work 2.despite of the government’s assurance of expanding employment 3.consider others before you take actions 4. they have never quarreled in public 5. quite confident that everything would go as planned Section B 谈及个人理财,我们总是想方设法地省钱。家庭预算包括大大小小的 开销, 因此我们总想削减开销, 又或者说, 至少, 把钱花道更改花的地方。 你肯定会考虑其中一件事,就是宁愿坐公共交通工具,也不自己开车。 公共交通便宜实惠,这是很容易想到的。因为公交车的燃油比天然气 便宜些,但是这还不是考虑的唯一成本?;叵胍幌赂咧芯每沃薪驳降幕?会成本。如果你还记得,那么正如你想起来的一样,机会成本是当你选择 某事物的同时, 你放弃了其他的事物。 虽然这不是用美元或是美分来衡量, 但是无论你何时作出理财决定,你都必然会考虑到这一点。

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Unit 11 Cyber world Text A
Checking your comprehension 1-5 BDBAC Building your vocabulary Section A 1-6 merely intimate determine romantic perception intense SectionB 1-6 convey revealed variety suspected potential personality Section C 1-6 to in/under as in of to Bridging the gap 1-10

everywhere get up schedule while daily since in touch with use communicate

Translation Section A 1.was perceived as an important breakthrough 2. Under no circumstances can you approach that person 3determine whether she is guilty or not 4.when you are deprived of your sleep 5. in any case I was not invited Section B 在网络上,各种形式的人际关系已经变得越来越寻常。成千上万的 人们在网上寻找浪漫缘分,更有数以百万的人们通过网络打造他们的 友谊。在我们这个数字新时代,这些网络人际关系将成为人类下一个 逻辑步骤。人们有机会了解他们在平日生活里接触不到的各类人,这 些网络人际关系通常是跨文化的,跨经济的,跨国家的,跨年龄的, 以及跨社会边界,这些方式在现实世界中式不可能发生的。 然而,当你在网上和别人说话时,你没办法知道正在和你讲话的这 个人到底是个什么样的人。不能够看到对方,你就不能合理的判断对 方,而且你永远不会知道跟你讲话的这个人是哪种类型的人,直到你 在真实的世界迈出那与对方见面的危险一步。 Organizing your ideas 2 5 3 1 4

Text B
Checking your comprehension Section A 1-6 N Y Y N Y N

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Section B

1.goverment operation 2. anyone ‘needed’ it 3.the routine availability 4. instant gratification 5. the development of the internet 6. reliant and dependent

Building your vocabulary Section A 1-6 traditional reliant novel consume option impatient Section B 1-6 simplified evolved tremendous interaction declined standard SectionC 1-6 on with to up In on Translation Section A 1. I don’t want to take up too much of your time 2. obtaining access to social services 3.backward in this respect 4.Realistically(speaking), he was hopeless 5. only 10% of American often engage in exercises Section B 网络电视通常指的是那种可以通过网络下载或是串联媒体在线看的电 视。 如今, 大多数网络在他们的官方网站上都有网络电视节目区域的功能, 然而,这些通常只有在美国地区的网络用户可以看到。与串流媒体不同, 可下载的视频允许用户把视频内容保存在自己的电脑里, 而且这是看网络 电视的一种很普遍的方式。 网络电视主要的益处包括节目的选择以及灵活性。不像普通的电视, 网络电视的用户可以在任何时间来自己选择任意节目和片段。 网络电视的 观看者也不必为了暂停节目,倒带或是快进,而用录像来把节目录下来 ——串流媒体和下载站点都可以让用户通过网络电视用到这些功能。

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Unit 12 A break from life Text A
Checking your comprehension 1-5 ADBAD Building your vocabulary SectionA 1-6 awareness resemblance permission justification SectionB 1-6 subsided tured subsiding refreshed nurtured Section C 1-6 up with to away out set

settlement symptoms

Bridging the gap 1-10 addition to Unfortunately one get out of through either positive rather than Translation Section A 1.waiting until problems are piling up 2.respond to our request for help 3.had come down with the flu, and had to stay in bed 4.He will be set free 5. justify your cheating on the exam


Section B 不要通过把自己和别人做比较就低估自己的价值。这是因为我们每 个人都是有不同的,独一无二的。不要将他人视作重要的东西作为你 自己的目标。只有你自己知道什么对你是最好的。不要因活在过去或 是未来而让生命从你的指缝间溜走。只有活在当下,你才能活好每一 天。不要害怕承认自己不够完美。正是脆弱的天性将我们紧紧联系在 一起。不要让时光虚度,自己都不知道曾经去过哪里,也不知道要去 哪里。不要忘记一个人最大的情感需求就是感到自己得到了赏识。不 要浪费时间和话语,因为这些东西一旦失去就不可复得。生活不是一 场比赛,而是一段旅程,一路上每走出一步都要仔细品味。 Organizing your ideas 2 4 1 3 5

Text B
Checking your comprehension Section A 1-6 Y N N Y Y Y Section B 1.feeling good about yourself can affect how you act

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2.a person’s body image 3.to compare themselves with others 4. Body image 5. strong self-esteem 6.do this by making goals for yourself Building your vocabulary Section A 1-6 capability combination adjustment ignorant permanently Section B 1-6 verifying varying embarrassed criticized prejudice SectionC 1-6 down to about with through of

hurtful tempt

Translation Section A 1. put down because of coming back late 2. I don’t care about what measures you take 3. keep track of your capital / money 4. they are nothing compared with yours 5. make us feel good about the efforts we have made in the past decade Section B 人生在世,和‘自己’相处最好,打交道最多,但是往往最悟不透 的还是自己。当你一帆风顺时,往往高估自己,好像每件事你都唾手 可得,幸运和机会伴随着你,你会万分高兴它们构成了你的价值的一 部分。不得志时,又往往低估自己,错以为困难和逆境是因为自己的 无能而产生的,你可能认为安分守己、与世无争是明智之举,而实际 上往往被怯懦的面具窒息了自己鲜活的生命。彻悟自己,就是正确认 识自己,做一个冷静的现实主义者,既知道自己的优势,也知道自己 的不足。


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